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Life Update: “… peculiar ambition.”

2 Jul

“Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition.”  — Abraham Lincoln

It was ambitious of me indeed to think that I would have ANY time (or, energy, rather) AT ALL between all of my zaney travels this month. I’ve been tweeting where I can, but clearly I’m behind. I’m looking forward to having this weekend to recuperate, write some more, and maybe actually get some laundry done. But mostly I’m hoping for some focus.

I was diagnosed with ADD when I was in middle school — and I don’t say that because I just get bored easily. Some days, it’s feels like I have two dozen TV sets on and set to different channels in my brain. The amount of energy I expend to pay attention for a half-hour lecture is exhausting — but I can do it. Over the years I learned coping mechanisms to get things done because I can’t take medication for it without feeling like a zombie, but it’s recently occurred to me that I’ve never tried to actually focus on things outside school and now, work.

I have a lot of things I want to do, but I never seem to get anywhere on them because OH HEY SHINY.

So, over the next couple of months I’m going to try some new routines and see if I can’t apply myself to my hobbies and talents. God doesn’t waste blessings, and I shouldn’t waste the ones he gave me.

That said, I’m looking forward to getting some writing done this weekend to chronicle Dolly’s-Tour-Of-Hot-And-Dusty-Places for next week’s posts and planning some more content. Maybe I’ll finally get some more stuff on Pinterest, too. Who knows. As for the rest of this week: Gettysburg and Independence Day, of course!


Life Update: “Interesting occupations…”

10 Jun

“Interesting occupations are essential to happiness: indeed the whole art of being happy consists in the art of finding emploiment. I know none so interesting, and which croud upon us so much, as those of a domestic nature.” Thomas Jefferson to his daughter, Martha

After looking at my calendar and realizing that I’m going to be out of town every weekend between now and the Fourth of July, I think Jefferson would approve. I have no earthly idea how I’ll get anything accomplished between now and July, but I’m confident that God will give me the time I need to do what needs doing. He’s surprising and good that way.

I am SO excited for this coming weekend because my best friend from high school is coming to visit and we’re driving down to Colonial Williamsburg for the weekend. She’s never been, and I’m suffering from withdrawl because the last time I was there was in April (my name is Dolly, and I have a problem).  I will surely be tweeting pictures and all sorts of nonsense, so make sure you give me a follow.

Of course, this will make blogging for the next month or so interesting, because I usually write on the weekends. And the weekend after next I’ll be back in Iowa for a visit with my family, and the weekend after THAT I’ll be in Gettysburg for the re-enactment.

This year is the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, and the Park Service is estimating a crowd of 200,000 for the festivities. To put this in perspective, Gettysburg as a town has not grown (like, at all) since 1863, and currently is home to about 7,620 people. So this will be fascinating on several levels.

All that to say, I will be updating — there may be days when I don’t make it, though, so I beg your indulgence. I have some varied content planned: some genealogy, some Civil War history, some more Very Revolutionary Road Trip posts, and of course updates from my travels. I’m also going to try and update the blogroll and links when I get a chance. Right now there are blogs I *read* linked there, but not much content related to my blog.

See y’all on the other side of this June madness.

Historical footnote of the day: On this day in 1692, the first Salem witch trial victim, Bridget Bishop, is hanged.